Thursday, November 5, 2009

The American Dream... deferred?

Do you dream of owning a home but your credit is not good enough to qualify for a loan?

You are not alone. Millions of Americans have credit scores that have been decimated by medical bills, credit card overspending, unforeseen emergencies and more.

Does that mean you have to wait to own a home?

Not anymore. Even as banks get more strict about their lending rules and fewer and fewer loans are approved, savvy buyers are learning there are more creative ways to buy a home besides just qualifying for a bank loan.

One of the best ways to buy a home and start building equity NOW is by renting to own.

You are probably renting already. Imagine if half or even all of your rent was going directly to pay for the purchase of your home! You can qualify for that as a rent-to-own tenant, even if your credit score is low.

There are three major factors that determine if you can rent to own:

1) Can you pay your rent ON TIME, EVERY MONTH in order to earn your rent credit of 50% to 100% towards your purchase price?

2) Can you handle your own REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE on the home just as a fully vested homeowner would?

3) Can you pay 3 to 10% option consideration up front to move into your dream home?

If you answered yes to these three questions, then you have taken the first important step to becoming a homeowner.

Don't let the economy, your friends or the media tell you that you can't have the American Dream, or that you have to wait. There is no need to defer your dreams; you can buy now!

At Happy Home Solutions, we help renters stop throwing their money away on rent by moving them into rent-to-own homes.

We just helped a couple from Cicero, Illinois move from a third-story walk-up apartment to a beautiful, 3 bedroom, fully rehabbed house in Waukegan, Illinois for a payment that is LESS EACH MONTH than they were paying in rent!

In my next post, I will provide a link of Marlena describing how excited she is to be purchasing her first home.

Let us help you be our next success story.

Contact Diane St. James at or 630-780-HOME to take that first step toward YOUR American Dream.

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