Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Are The Advantages of Renting to Own My Next Home? Part 3

The list of advantages to the buyer of Renting to Own goes on and on. We've outlined several in previous posts.

Here are two more advantages:

* The Money You Put Down is Fully Credited Toward the Purchase Price. The money you put down toward a Rent to Own -- typically between three and five percent of the purchase price of the home -- is 100 percent credited toward the purchase price.

* Your Rent Money Is Working For You, For A Change. Instead of just securing your landlord's financial future by paying his rent, some or all of your rent money actually goes toward the purchase price -- and the equity -- of your home! Once you pay rent on a straight rental, that money has left your life forever.

But when you pay rent on a Rent to Own home, part or all of the rent you pay is credited toward the purchase price of the home. Many banks or mortgage brokers will consider this your "down payment" on the home. IN our current economy, unless you have pristine credit AND 25 to 30 percent to put down on a home, no one is going to give you a mortgage. So how are you ever going to save up that down payment money? By earning Rent Credit while you Rent to Own. There is no better way.

Rent credit varies from home to home, but we can help you earn thousands of dollars toward the purchase of your next home through our easy to qualify Rent to Own program.

Call us at 630-697-4500 and we'll help you make your rent money work for you instead of against you.

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